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Classic Wedding Cars for Hire Canterbury

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Classic Car Hire Canterbury
Wedding Car Hire Christchurch

Classic Car Hire Christchurch

Classic Car Hire Christchurch, and throughout Canterbury. There are times in your life when you deserve to go one step further in luxury. It could be for a wedding, a birthday celebration, a very posh tour, to impress your company’s new clients or simply to treat your friends to a fancy night out.

You can feel justified (and rightly so) to choose Exclusive Classics Car Hire Christchurch to really get that prince and princess vibe, without paying a princely sum for the privilege.

Exclusive Classics have in their possession a fleet of the most gorgeous, to die for, Classic Jaguar vehicles with a colour scheme to suit any occasion. Our Jaguars would have to be the epitome in first-class, refined elegance. They are quiet, smooth and sedate in carriage but far from ordinary in looks.

In fact, if you want to create a stir, turn heads and hearts, book an Exclusive Classic car with us.

Or, if you are requiring a more classically understated mode of transport, one with every luxury interior fitting yet with an exterior that speaks of modest ‘old money’, then we can provide a solution for you too.

It helps that we have a genuine passion for our Jaguars and a joy of making people feel spoilt or respected simply because of their vehicle. We love to see how thrilled our customers look when they climb into one of our classic cars and feel glad we are contributing to the happiness of their day.

Our exclusive classics really do set the scene for your special event.

Come and view our showroom and inhale the very exquisite beauty of our cars. They’re sure to provide the essence of luxury needed to turn your event into solid gold.

Classic Car Hire Christchurch Canterbury


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Classic Wedding Cars for Hire Canterbury
Classic Cars christchurch
Wedding Car Hire Canterbury

Classic Car Hire Weddings Christchurch

Classic Car Hire Christchurch, and throughout Canterbury. The obvious choice for your wedding transport is one of our divine Jaguars. Sleek, swanky and downright sublime; a classic Jaguar ticks all the boxes when you need to get your nearest and dearest to the wedding, on time and in undisputed style.

We promise to show up fashionably early to deliver you to your wedding venue in a leisurely, stress-free manner, then on to wherever your heart desires after the nuptials have successfully concluded.

Our Jaguars are in colours to coordinate with most wedding tones:

  • Classic cream
  • Navy blue
  • Stunning iridescent cranberry which takes on many different hues.

Your wedding photography now has an imposing backdrop and an assured wow factor!

We dress our vehicles in the time-honoured style that traditionally signifies a bride is about to be married: a ribbon across the bonnet. You can choose not to have the ribbon if you prefer – it’s all up to you on this amazing day.

Our range of vehicles are suited out with a professional chauffeur who helps you in every way possible. He will even roll out the red carpet for you if desired.

Our rates are pleasantly competitive, at $120.00 per car, per hour with a minimum hire period of 2 hours.

Solving your wedding commute logistics is just one of our fortes. Doing it with panache is another – call us and we will show you how.

         We can make your special day simply super

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Classic Car Hire Christchurch and throughout Canterbury for all occasions

Classic Car Hire Christchurch, for all occasions.

Exclusive Classics Car Hire Christchurch, offer private charter for:

  • Winery tours
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Girls’ day out
  • Any Very Memorable excursion.

Or if you want a luxury ride to high profile special celeb events such as the Armageddon Expo in Christchurch, decide to make a splash by arriving in style aboard one of our classic cars.

And if you and those people who are close to you want to escape from the hum-drum of normality for a while, call us. You’ll feel treasured beyond price to be in such a refined vehicle, in such capable hands.

Why not see the city or countryside sitting in the lap of luxury?


Who wouldn’t want to chance upon the good life? Exclusive Classics Car Hire could well be the icing on the cake for your festive event.

We’ll fuel the excitement and anticipation of a great time to be had by all! Our classic Jag will pick you up and deliver you to your journey’s end (it could even be to a clandestine destination!)

Whatever the occasion, with Exclusive Classics Cars at your service, you’ll begin your special do with a smile.

We offer a fantastic service to help you celebrate:

  • Balls
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Gala events.

     We redefine the meaning of Drive

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Classic Cars Private Charters Tours Canterbury
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Our Fleet of Classic Cars Christchurch

Our Fleet of Classic Cars Christchurch.

Aristocratic elegance at your service

Our cars are polished and maintained to the utmost degree of gloss and glamour … you’ll love the sumptuous way they purr …

And your friends, associates or family will be subtly impressed at the chic sense of velvety vogue they portray. A chance to experience first class luxury first hand!

Exclusive Classics Car Hire are delighted and proud to offer a choice of three stunning Jaguar vehicles for hire:

  • A cream Mark 2 Jaguar (1965)
  • An iridescent Cranberry Series 3 Sovereign Jaguar (1984)
  • A navy blue 420 Jaguar (1967)

Incorporating nature’s finest creations of highly polished figured burr walnut veneer, high quality woven woollen cloth, and the rich smelling fragrance of the soft, Vaumol (coloured) leather hide interior.”

Exclusive Classics wedding car hire is $120.00 per car, per hour with a minimum hire period of 2 hours. Please note that there is also a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per car on all hires to secure your booking.

We’ll even roll out the red carpet for you (on request).

Final charges (per car) are based on the total time from pick-up within the Christchurch area until the car’s return to base.

We would love to meet you and talk about how we can make your event as charming as the Prince himself.

Contact Mobile: 0274 372 516